My Github Project is Trending

Update for October 10, 2016:

We're over 11,000 now and top trending for the month of October! Thanks so much!

top trending on Github for October 2016

Update for October 5, 2016: We've reached #1 on Github's daily trending list!

#1 on Github

and look, ma!

trending developer


October 4: This morning I woke up and my project, Google Interview University, had over 120 stars! It had doubled in one night!

I did a search for the project URL on Twitter, and it turns out Amit Agarwal (founder of, a popular tech howto website) had tweeted it to their 85,000 followers. Thank you, Amit!

I just checked the daily trending report on Github, and the project is trending just above Tensorflow! The project is almost at the bottom of the page, but we made it!

trending above Tensorflow

Thanks to everyone who gave the project a ★!

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