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thank you from Googley as Heck

Countless people have reached out over the last few months. I wanted to put together a list of many of the nice things people have said. It's not everything, due to time constraints. Some are edited for length or to protect privacy.

Thanks to everyone. I get emotional with all the kind words you've conveyed. I'm so glad my project has helped so many.

I'll be interviewing soon and I really don't want to let you down. There are no guarantees of getting hired, despite how much you study, so if I don't get hired, please don't be discouraged. The hiring process is known for occasionally rejecting false negatives. So I may not get hired even though I could be a perfect fit. They avoid hiring unless they have high confidence in the candidate. Remember, in much of what I've studied, I'm an untested newbie.

Thanks again, everyone!

"I have completed my internship at google this year in summer but I think your information about google is amazing and I really like all of your resources. I have applied to another internship at google for summer 2017 and I am glad that I found your resources. As a experienced intern, I would recommend anyone who is looking forward to work at google to go through John's resources

P.S - For my next internship interview in 2017 at google, I am referring John's resources to prepare."

"I am a web developer in training. I am moved by your story. Before reading your story, I know right from the start that I want to work for Google. I don't know much about Google, but I know that working there would definitely be awesome. I am a single mom to three kids. My daughters are 4 and 3 years old. My son is only 3 months old. I'm striving and setting high goals for myself. I may not be a greater developer yet, but I do hope that I am given the opportunity there."

"Hi, I feel motivated by your journey these last months. I'm 27 and after spending three years as a C# developer I want to keep improving my skills and learning new things but I'm having a really hard time. Right now I'm fighting with procrastination, I'm having problems to put myself on track.

Thanks so much for sharing your history"

"Thanks so much for sharing your Google interview guide. I've been creating my own study plan, and it's been such a great resource!"

"I just wanted to thank you for putting together the great Google Interview University list.

I got inspired and started going through it in a lazy manner for about 2 weeks when I got contacted by HRs from Microsoft and Spotify. I had to really up my game and the fact that there was an already precompiled and reviewed list allowed me to at least gloss through all of the topics. And frankly I was never the brightest student in the class, so it took a whole month, and what a month of preparation it was :) If there wasn't a structured list to follow I would have done adhoc preparation and probably never passed the interviews.

I'm still a far-cry from completing the list, but it's OK because with my experience I would have never gotten an invite for a Google interview to begin with. Anyway, I received offers from both Spotify and Microsoft and will probably go for Spotify at their Stockholm HQ because I will get to do cool machine learning stuff. I'll keep going through the list though!

So, I wanted to thank you for putting the list together, and if you ever get tired of the preparation or maintaining the list - know there are people out there you are helping.

Best of luck on your Google interview."

"Awesome article! It was very inspiring to see someone stop at nothing to pursue their dreams. Keep up the great work, John! Wish you the best."

"Nice history. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. For sure I’ll follow your study plan."

"I really admire you’re approach as well as the humility it takes after a 15 year career of moderate success in the business world, to just quit, buckle down and start something new. I doubt that many who have come that far can think of them selves as malleable enough to learn something new, never the less put behind them years of experience in any given industry.

For all intents and purposes my story is sort of related to your but not to the same degree. I am not pursuing a job with one of the highest branded company in the nation, possibly the world. I quit my mechanical engineering job and career with almost 9 years of experience to pursue entry level work as a data scientist. I will not be creating the curriculum on my own as I decided to attend a 3-month immersive course. Hopefully, I will attain the knowledge, resources and credit to start a career in a very new to me, (and attractive) field of CS.

As with anything in life that is worth doing, it’s usually going to suck for a bit, but the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice that it takes to succeed and I think you have the necessary grit and mental acuity to succeed in literally anything. Maybe next time you can train in aerospace engineering and work for Boeing since you reside in Washington anyways :) Anyways, good luck and I hope you make it in. I’ll be following along on medium."

"Awesome story. After close to 10 years of IT experience, I had a similar revelation last year (that I am outdated) and started out with studying random new technologies that I could lay my hands on, ever since. After a year, it apparently turned out futile, I did not quite gain a solid knowledge on anything and started forgetting those I learnt, as technologies stacked up on my to-do list. This article reminded me about that mistake I made and taught me a valuable lesson which I was stupid enough to see before — have a goal before you start your pursuit. Thanks for that. Good luck with your application."

"Well done, this is fascinating and motivating! Best of luck"

"John, I loved reading your story because it shows us that -

  1. you’re never too old to learn or do something new.
  2. what happens when you follow your dreams with the right motivation, dedication and tenacity.

Thank you for sharing everything you learnt. Good luck on getting your dream job :)"

"Hi, loved your story! It’s encouraging to know that after some time doing other stuff, you could still catch up. I have a translation background and experience, mainly. I started testing localisation for video games, and now I moved to QA software testing. Guess what? I’d love to test and work for Google, but just like you or more, I need to study. The thing is I don’t know where to focus my efforts, if learning Python or certifying in testing protocols or just starting a new career from scratch. My short term objective is to test for Google, and if it leads me to engineering, awesome. Thank you so much!!"

"Revisiting the topics..why haven’t I thought of that before? It’s a better way to understand and apply whatever is being learnt. Thank you for opening my eyes!"

"wish you all the best. God help you to catch your dream"

"I hope you are fine, by make searching for how to prepare for Google, I found your plans and absolutely follow it after reading. And I wish you all the best and get the job that you want and thanks for inspiration. "

"I went through Github Project - Google Interview University. And It really inspired me alot. Even I follow your funda, " Shoot for the Moon, If I miss still I will be among Stars ". "

"I'm very passionate about google. And after reading your article it get tripled. "

"I read your blog post about becoming a future Googler and was truly inspired. I'm following your Google University checklist daily now, and it's been a huge help."

"i Software Engineer having experience of 2.5 yrs. The fact i am telling this is that, I these past 2.5yrs i have developed love for coding and technology and i really dying to work for google. So read your blogs on googleyasheck and it really helped me."

"I'm in love with your repository on Github and really appeciate your dedication to help others also."

"Man read your article in medium. Let me tell you one of the best kickass article I have read up to date. One of the best one."

"After reading your article.. you are truly a source for inspiration for me."

"I really admire you and your work google-interview-university

I have a dream to work at google once in my life, I don't have a CS Degree. Your work has given me a direction to prepare for.

I am really thankful to you"

"I just saw your article on medium and it has inspired me a lot. I have been preparing for a Google interview as well but slowed down recently and this article made me feel I should continue working on my goal. Google is my dream place to work at. I have also worked at various startups and corporate places but never felt so satisfied. I think Google has the best engineers in the world and treats them really well."

"I was inspired after reading about your Google-Interview-University project on Github and it motivated me a lot to start working harder. I hope we can connect so that I can stay motivated. Thank you for the extensive list of topics that you have compiled."

"Just want to thank you for the great google plan you have prepared, coming from a CS student this is pretty well thought out an accurate, I love it an thank you for sharing it with the rest of us who have the same dream... so thank you!"

"Hey wanted to wish you luck on your quest to Google! I will be interviewing with them in January, and am using your resource."

"I've just found your "Google" Github project: it looks really impressive - great job! I'm about to start my journey as well. "

"Thanks so much for great Github repo (google-interview-university), I think that is more than enough. I have my Google phone interview in 3 weeks, referring to your notes."

"Even though i am in grad school for CS i ill try and stick to it and eventually get there. Thanks for this awesome share."

"I would like to thank you for starting the google university repo. It truly has a wealth of information. I am planning on starting it in a couple of days. Let's hope both of us achieve our goals."

"Hi, great job on Github, your motivation encourages me working more and more"

"Hey, I don't know you but I found your Github Repo about Google interview prepping and thought your effort was remarkable!

I think your determination and effort will definitely pay off and I wish you the best luck in your future journey! Although I have never met you, your work really put me to think of camaraderie of us learners and it's a rare thing you find on the internet. So thanks for that!"

"I love your project to be a google engineer very much!"

" recently saw your amazing github repo "google-interview-university". I just wanted to thank you for the amazing contribution. I wish you great luck to achieving your goals!"

"I saw a post about you on Reddit and plan to use a few of your GitHub tools. I really like ambitious plans, that's what the future is built upon "

"I'm pursuing my master's degree is Software engineering at SJSU, California. Today, I came across your awesome github repository "google-interview-university". I was already working towards my goal to get into the big 4. Your repository inspired me even more to work towards my goal. Thank you for sharing all the insights and resources."

"Thank you for connecting and provide such wonderful resources for google interview at one place"

"I am working as web developer nowadays. long time ago I planned in GOOGLE, but never get good steps. and I think your advices will help me. And from today I am started studying these materials, maybe I wouldn't work in google but I really want learn CS in perfect level. I wanna to say Thank YOU!!! and I wish you success!!! "

"I am ________ from Türkiye i am 4th year computer engineering student. I just want to say i am fascinated about your enthusiasm and work. Thank you for sharing this project on Github. Good luck."

"I stumbled on your github and wanted to quickly connect with you on LinkedIn and send a 'thank you' for making this study material! I'm currently a full-time student as well, but I am a newbie in the tech field. I am currently learning web development at the Flatiron School in NYC, but my ultimate goal is to eventually become a software engineer at a place like Google or Amazon. I have no CS degree either, and I spent the first two years of my professional career in sales/recruiting and am just starting to learn how to program. It really excites and inspires me to know that there are others out there that have similar goals that are going out there and taking that step to get what they want despite some minor setbacks like a CS degree! I hope your studies are going well, and I would love to keep in touch and watch how your journey progresses :-)"

"Wish u the best. I’ve also been trying to make that leap to being a software Engineer. Your repo is an awesome guide. Thanks!"

"Dang. I read this at a time where I was getting very discouraged in my “learning to code” process. I’m learning web development, but I knew I wanted to learn more about how to get a software engineer job/ learn the basic knowledge I lack from not having a CS degree such as memory allocation and sorting and whatnot.

I plan on checking out the github repo and picking up the first book I see. Thank you thank you thank you for this post. I feel like how I felt when I first started."

"Great read! I can definitely empathize with you about over studying because you don’t want to be a burden to your potential team. I studied up until the first day of my present position, because I was afraid of wasting my supervisor’s time if the onboarding process took too long. I really hope you get the software engineer position at Google."

"Such a great post…thank you for sharing your process! As someone at a similar stage undergoing a related learning curve, this is very reaffirming. :)"

"Best. Resume. Ever. Thank you very much for sharing your journey."

"Congratulations. You’ve just built a full CS curriculum out of free lectures and online materials. I have to say, it’s awesome. Would it have been simpler to go to college? Maybe. If you’ve really reviewed all this recently, and you don’t get a job at Google, I’d be amazed. Thanks for making all this publically available."

"Great read! Truly inspiring to an absolute beginner."

"You are definitely Googley as heck!"

"It’s funny because I found my self in a similar situation as you did in the beginning. I just graduated from a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics while I always had a dream to pursue software engineering..

So I made a wild decision and signed up for a new degree, in computer science. I’m kind of scared, because it means starting all over again, but on the other hand I’m 22 years old.."

"Awesome post! Good luck, Googley as Heck! Don’t forget to have fun, always."

"This post gave me the encouragement to get back to studying for my google interview. Best of luck with your interview. I think you are gonna “ROCK” it."

"Goal set to the moon above, even if failed, can fall among the stars. Thanks for your article and github repository, they are very valuable."

"This is as brilliant as it can be

I am glad that you after spending 15 years into building products, running startup, and doing marketing, you chosen yourself to get back to the programming again.
I have not only read your article but gone to your github repository, your preparedness, detailing and your commitment to spread the knowledge for the benefits of all is quite an incredible thing.

I am a big believer of “chance favours prepared mind” and when mind is so well prepared, I have no doubt that anything going to stop you from accomplishing what your heart desire.

I am going to share your stuff to all the students who come to me. I am sure there would be select few who’d take your plan and write their own career success by becoming programming genius who knows — the importance of knowledge, programming patterns, best practices, structured approach, algorithm and also knows that what will break the system up.

Thanks for being an aspiration for the learners and practitioners of Computer Science and Programming."

"It’s inspiring to see you learn core CS all by yourself."

"Very inspiring. Thanks for the helpful pointers about learning software engineering and all the very best for your interview!"

"Man, you’re awesome, I’m in the same process as you are, and I read this as a f * * * * * g Bible, tomorrow I have my D-Day, and I feel encouraged because of this, thank you very much. I hope you get that job, you deserve it."

"I am very sure you’ll be at google soon. This post made me to be energetic. Good Luck with your interview."

"Thank you for saying it out loud, was kind of struggling by myself :-) I wish you all the best, may you land your dream job!"

"Awesome and inspiring, thanks for sharing😊"

"I love your blog I wish you good luck"

"Hey John, Great story, very motivating — good luck with the interviews and hope you land a job @Google soon.

I have 0 experience in programming apart from some website design gigs, but I started a BSc in CS in September at the age of 30. I can totally relate to your story, as well as, draw some motivation from it to boldly say — I can do it! =)"

"Thanks. Your story is an inspiration."

"Thank you so much, John, for such an amazing resource. It’ll help me and a lot of others to further hone our skills and prepare ourselves for the market. Hope to hear more from you regarding your journey and experiences you had and the mistakes you made along the way."

"Best luck to you! Thanks for sharing. I have a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, and yet I failed Google’s first coding interview (over the phone) many years ago. Having a degree is definitely not enough. Your story is inspiring. Now I’ve learned that getting the job is not most important; the journey you take and all the things you’ve learned along are. I might just study your Google Interview University just for the sake of learning, not getting a job."

"Pretty inspirational!! Makes me feel kind of guilty for doing undergrad and grad in CS and then not being a software engr!! That being said, the skills have given me a major edge in every role I’ve had in tech. I’m the only guy in Sales probably anywhere that’s concerned with big Oh efficiency lol!! Kudos to you…I love people like you and would hire you in a millisecond at Salesforce if I were an r&d Mgr because your intelligence along with tenacity is 10x more important than any algorithm!!!"

"Thank you for sharing your experience and journey towards the Google Interview. It’s very inspiring and has definitely motivated me to study more and try to get another interview with Google. Best wishes to you for your Google Interview! 👍"

"Thanks for sharing! As I am taking 2017 off to up-skill and make a career change, your experiences and resources are helpful and inspirational! Best of luck!"

"Wow! I hadn’t come across your GitHub yet. Skimming the README this is exactly the structure I’ve been looking for. Thanks! You may have just helped change my life."

"Googley as Heck!

A+ for the discipline and effort you put into the project. Especially the “aim for Google, land anywhere in ‘Silicon Valley’ ” attitude.

Go John; so inspiring."

"Hey John. Googler on the Chrome team here. Just want to let you know some of us read this post and are rooting for you to do well.

I find your admiration of Google culture inspiring. If you work here, I am sure you will see the downsides and the ways in which we don’t always live up to your ideals, but I hope that rather than disillusion you those will be times when you will help bring those around you up to those ideals. It’s what I have tried to do.

I’m glad you emphasized repeatedly the benefits you’ve taken from this process, and how it has prepared you for a similar job in the field at any company, not just Google. One downside to Google’s hiring process is that it is biased toward false negatives, and there are many candidates I’ve seen declined offers that I think would have been very successful here. If you apply, and do not end up with an offer, please don’t assume you “don’t meet the bar”. It might be that you’re one of those false negatives. For candidates with promise, we really mean that stuff about “we’ll keep you on file”, and I have seen people passed over repeatedly and then hired later, and the like. So if Google remains your dream and you don’t make it the first time, persist :)

Of course, if you are hired here, great! I am one of the teachers of one of the courses in orientation, so you might end up seeing me one day. And you can always look me up and send me a lunch invitation — I’d love to hear more about how the interview process turned out for you after your study.

Best wishes!"

"Leave it to the internet to make me feel like I am not alone. I ran a company for a decade before selling in 2015. I had a love affair with coding since I was 8 (also BASIC) but was turned off by a brutal CS intro course in college and became an Econ major. Along the way, I picked up some PHP, dabbled in C++, and made all sorts of websites for my own amusement and, at times, enrichment. It dawned on me that I was pushing aside my actual work to code… so why not make coding my job. While I am not angling for a job at Google, I am heartened by the stack of books (I have 3/4 of them in my library) and the dedication to a non-traditional educational path. Good luck!"

"A wonderful inspirational story. Thank you so much for sharing! It really helps us newbies starting out to learn from your experience! :D"

"Good luck.. You gave me an inspiration"

"They’d be absolutely nuts not to hire you. Your enthusiasm, dedication and sincerity are a breath of fresh air. I’m rooting for you!"

"John, great work and motivation for pursuing your dream. Thanks for the inspiration and I wish all goes well for you. 모두 잘될거라 믿습니다!"

"Great. I’m pursing B.Tech from Computer science and I’m working hard to get internship at Google, after reading your story, I gonna do more work to get in."

"Honestly, your approach to your Google Interview reminds me of the first two episodes of Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In that season premiere two-parter, Twilight is freaking out about a test from her mentor that seems very similar to your overkill aesthetic in studying for your Interview. She seemed to have learned the lesson and passed the test in a way that also correllates. Odd. Funny as hell, but strange."

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