Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to everyone for the stars and encouragement! I didn't expect my little project to blow up like this!

Thank you

A Long Way to Go

I still have a few days in the learning phase, and next week all I'll be doing is programming questions all day long. I have 5 books of programming problems, but I won't be going through all of them. I just don't have that much time.

I also have over 1,200 flash cards I've put together to review. Just reading or watching videos is not enough because you won't remember much without reviewing.

That project is here if you want to do it:

I'll be adding my card database to that project in a few days. There's a good bit of machine learning trivia in there, which you can delete if you don't want it.

After I've been doing programming problems for 9 hours a day for a few weeks (and reviewing cards), I'll be ready.

Keep in mind I'm programming algorithms and data structures that I need a lot of practice with, and furthermore doing all this in Python which I don't have all that much experience with. If you already know these algorithms and data structures and are proficient in your interview programming language, you won't need as much practice. So good luck!

By the way, I have an internal Google referral I've been holding onto since February (yes, February), so I've got that going for me.

Thanks again!

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